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openKylin is the first root community of desktop operating systems in China, with one of its primary visions being to build an open and diverse ecosystem of software and hardware, and to promote the healthy development of the domestic operating system industry. The construction of an operating system's ecosystem is not a one-day effort or the work of a single entity. It requires an open-source governance model of community cooperation, co-creation, and sharing, to unite upstream and downstream partners in the industry ecosystem to jointly create a sustainable operating system industry ecosystem. We sincerely invite ecological partners to join the OpenKylin community, work together, and promote the flourishing development of the domestic operating system industry ecosystem.

1CLA application

Please go to the web page, fill in the information and submit the organization's CLA application. The community will send the required materials to the application mailbox.

Sign the CLA Contributor License Agreement and affix official seal;

It is recommended that a letter of authorisation for the use of the openKylin community trademark be completed and stamped;

Upload scanned copies of stamped materials (scanned in colour as per the document), logo files in AI format + HD png format (if authorised) and fill in information such as organisation profile and intention to cooperate, according to the address in the community email.

Please mail the original stamped materials to the community(one copy), with the following recipient information: Mr. Wei, 17863922737, 39th floor, T3 office building, Fuxing Financial Center, Furong Middle Road, Kaifu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province.

openKylinMembership interests of openKylinopenKylin

Community Membership interests:
  • Apply to join existing SIG groups and participate in the discussion and contribution of technical code development;

  • Apply to create SIG groups and assign SIG group Owners to run for the Technical Committee;

  • Participate in community ecological expansion , including ecological adaptation, application listing, and pre-installation integration;

  • Derive commercial distribution versions and supporting ecosystems based on openKylin, and launch mature desktop commercial distribution versions;

  • Apply to run for the oard of Directors and enjoy guiding the direction of community development, development planning, and implementation guidance;

  • Apply to run for the Ecology Committee , participate in community operation activities, and enjoy joint brand promotion, gift exchange and other benefits.