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The second expert seminar of the openKylin community and the "controllable open source" system review! The review meeting was successfully held

2023-02-22 11:08:19

On November 22, 2022, the second expert seminar and "controllable open source" system review meeting jointly organized by the openKylin community and the Hongshan open source community was successfully held. The seminar was presided over by Yu Jie, secretary-general of the openKylin community, and invited Professor Liu Yang from Nanyang Technological University , Professor Sun Hailong from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Guo Xue , deputy director of the Yunda Institute of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology , senior engineer Deng Changyi from the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center , Yi Biyi, head of Hongshan Open Source Platform Operations , Li Guangjie, technical director of Hongshan Open Source Platform, and other experts participated.


At the meeting, Liu Min, the executive deputy secretary-general of the openKylin community , introduced the progress of the current community work, including community platform development, brand promotion, ecological construction, and technological progress.

Then, Mao Zhou, a member of the openKylin Community Technical Committee, reported to various experts on the "controllable open source" system . The current open source security risk has become a global challenge and is the primary concern of the operating system. Due to the lack of relevant standards and specifications in the process of source introduction, software design, software development, and technology development of open source software introduced into the operating system, the security of the operating system is difficult to be guaranteed. To this end, the openKylin community has proposed a "controllable open source" system , from the four important links of code source , design , development and development , to conduct security management around the entire link of code circulation to ensure the security of the operating system.

Subsequently, each The participating experts conducted discussions and exchanges around the content of the above reports, and actively offered advice and suggestions. Among them, various experts pointed out that in order to solve the source problem of long-term development of information technology, the construction of "controllable open source" system is very necessary. At present, the overall framework of openKylin "controllable open source" system is relatively mature. Multiple dimensions such as development and development escort the open source community and operating system, but it is

openKylin, as the first desktop operating system root community in China, actively builds a controllable open source mechanism. The successful convening of this expert seminar put forward guiding suggestions for promoting the construction of openKylin's "controllable open source" system. Next, openKylin will continue to focus on the construction of the "controllable open source" system, and promote the domestic open source field to a new stage of security innovation.

The openKylin community aims to take "co-creation" as the core, on the basis of open source, voluntariness, equality, and collaboration, to build a partner ecosystem with enterprises in an open source and open way, and to jointly create a top-level desktop operating system community. Promote the prosperity and development of Linux open source technology and its software and hardware ecology.

The first batch of council member units in the community include Kylin Software, Puhua Basic Software, Zhongke Fangde, Kylin Principal, Meditation Software, Yiming Software, ZTE New Fulcrum, Yuanxin Technology, China Electronics 32, Jide System, Beijing Lin Zhuo, Advanced Operating System Innovation Center and other 13 industry colleagues and industry organizations.