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The first expert seminar in the openKylin community was successfully held, and we discussed the direction of innovative technology development!

2023-02-22 11:25:37

On November 14, 2022, the first expert seminar of the openKylin community was successfully held. The meeting was held online and offline , hosted by Yu Jie, a member of the technical committee of the openKylin community , and invited Guo Yong, a researcher of a certain academy of sciences , Guan Donglin, deputy director of a certain research institute , Yang Jianhua, dean of Zhejiang University , and Li Weidong of Beijing Jiaotong University. Thirteen experts, including the dean , Han Yi , deputy director of the China Electronic System Equipment Department, Ren Qiang , deputy general manager of Puhua Basic Software Co., Ltd., Huang Hua , deputy dean of Beijing Normal University, and Li Aiping, a researcher at a university of science and technology , participated in the community operation and Research and development work was discussed in key points.


At the beginning of the meeting, Liu Min, the executive deputy secretary-general of the openKylin community, combined the results and development status of the community in terms of platform construction , activity operation , and ecological construction since its establishment , and made a summary report with various experts, and further introduced the future operation plan of the community . Subsequently, Li Jianfeng, Release SIG Maintainer of the openKylin community, made a summary report on the community version and technology research and development work , including community infrastructure platform construction, SIG group construction, version technology planning, star project introduction, etc.

Among them, in terms of open source security , Li Jianfeng specifically mentioned that in order to cope with the threat of global open source security incidents, the openKylin community has launched a "controllable open source" system , from the four important links of code source, design, development and development , around the code circulation. Full link security management to protect open source security.

In terms of system experience , the openKylin community has built a "level freezing" mechanism , which performs "leveling" processing for applications in different states , and "freezes" the user's unoperated application in a special way, thereby releasing system resources and prioritizing the user's current operation Application resource allocation to improve user experience.

At the end of the meeting, the participating experts conducted exchanges and discussions around the current operation and R&D work of the openKylin community. Experts said that openKylin, as the root community of the desktop operating system, has gathered 110+ enterprise unit members, 600+ community developers, established 52 SIG groups, and carried out various community activities since its establishment in June . And independently build a series of basic platforms including official website, forum, digital signboard and WeChat applet. In terms of version technology , a full life cycle management platform has been built , and a series of technological innovations have been launched, and various operations and research and development work have been carried out. of Very successful, already has a certain influence.

In the future, I hope that the openKylin community can maintain its original intention, actively and continuously carry out various technical research and innovation, gather open source power, and jointly create a top-level open source community with the ability to customize the operating system form and international influence.

The openKylin  community aims to take "co-creation" as the core, on the basis of open source, voluntariness, equality, and collaboration, to build a partner ecosystem with enterprises in an open source and open way, and to jointly create a top-level desktop operating system community. Promote the prosperity and development of Linux open source technology and its software and hardware ecology.

The first batch of council member units in the community include Kylin Software, Puhua Basic Software, Zhongke Fangde, Kylin Principal, Meditation Software, Yiming Software, ZTE New Fulcrum, Yuanxin Technology, China Electronics 32, Jide System, Beijing Lin Zhuo, Advanced Operating System Innovation Center and other 13 industry colleagues and industry organizations.