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openKylin successfully adapted to VisionFive 2, and launched the RISC-V architecture QEMU version system image

2023-02-24 10:50:17

Recently, RISC-V SIG successfully developed in VisionFive 2 plate Adapted to the openKylin operating system, and launched the openKylin system RISC-V architecture QEMU version image. At present, the latest version of the system image can be used normally, which is another new progress of openKylin in promoting the ecological evolution of RISC-V .


openKylin successfully adapted to VisonFive 2

openKylin Tesing Image Released For VisionFive 2 RISC-V SBC, Download now.The test image is based on the 0.9.5 version released earlier, using the manufacturer's open source firmware and kernel branch, and integrating the openKylin file system. After adaptation and testing by RISC-V SIG, basic modules such as the basic system, wired network, USB interface, and GPU can be used normally, and can support HDMI output and graphical interface display.

openKylin successfully adapted to VisonFive 2

neofetch image

It should be noted that the current system only supports microSD card booting , and the booting methods such as eMMC and SSD need to be improved in the future. Availability of some peripherals is unknown.

The openKylin QEMU version RISC-V system runs successfully

In order to facilitate more RISC-V enthusiasts to use the operating system, RISC-V SIG launched the QEMU version of the openKylin system. Users can download the QEMU version image on their working machines, and then compile and install QEMU according to the QEMU compilation method we provide, and then the openKylin system can be started normally through QEMU.

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Desktop environment and commonly used software

The two systems released by the openKylin community RISC-V SIG are equipped with the UKUI desktop environment . UKUI is a lightweight Linux desktop environment created by the community UKUI SIG group, mainly based on QT development. Compared with other UI interfaces, UKUI pays more attention to ease of use and agility. The dependencies of each component are small, and it can run independently without relying on other packages, bringing users a friendly and efficient experience. At present, the UKUI desktop environment has been able to run normally on the two systems.

UKUI desktop environment interface display

At the same time, in order to meet the needs of more users, RISC-V SIG is also committed to the adaptation of the software ecology. At present, the two systems already support the operation of various software such as Libreoffice, firefox, and community self-developed software, meeting users' daily Internet and office needs.

In the future, openKylin RISC-V SIG will continue to improve system functions, fix known problems, and continue to devote itself to the development of RISC-V. Welcome all interested partners to download the mirror experience, help find more problems, provide test comments, and jointly help the prosperity and development of openKylin and RISC-V!

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About the openKylin RISC-V SIG

openKylin RISC-V SIG: mainly responsible for the planning, production, maintenance and upgrade of the openKylin RISC-V version, as well as the exploration of application compatibility technologies between RISC-V and x86 and ARM.