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5 GPU Vendors Together - First Regular Meeting of openKylin Community GPU SIG Held

2023-03-09 11:15:20

On March 8, the first regular meeting of the openKylin community GPU SIG was held in an online format. The meeting was attended and discussed by several SIG Maintainer representative members from GPU vendors such as JEMO, MTHREADS, GLENFLY and XIANDIXIAN.


The meeting was attended by several SIG Maintainer members from JEMO, MTHREADS, GLENFLY and XIANDIXIAN. and other GPU manufacturers.

The meeting confirmed the regular meeting system of GPU SIG, approved the application of new members, and focused on the annual community work plan of GPU SIG, which was organized by GPU SIG Owner  Shan Jinkui.

Details of the meeting discussions are as follows:


All members agreed on the application for new members to join the GPU SIG group.


The meeting decided to hold a SIG regular meeting every month, from 16:30-17:30 on Wednesday at the beginning of each month.


Discuss and adopt the GPU SIG work plan for 23 years, and will subsequently focus on promoting the following work contents according to the plan.

(1) Collecting the 2023 release plans of each GPU vendor and matching them with the release plans of the openKylin community.

(2) Collect and organize the driver software installation package descriptions of each GPU vendor.

(3) Collect and organize the 2023 open source plans of each GPU vendor.

(4) Collecting and organizing requests from GPU vendors to the openKylin community.

(5) Organize GPU vendors to participate in offline activities of the openKylin community.

At the meeting, as the initiator of GPU SIG, JEMO also announced its annual work plan for participating in the joint construction of openKylin community, as follows:

First half of 2023

1、Provide JEMO 2023 driver version release plan.

2、Provide JEMO driver software installation package instructions.

Second half of 2023

1、Contributing jmgpu-kgc software source code.

2、Submit a partial patch to the mesa package to support JRMO graphics cards.

The openKylin Community GPU SIG is dedicated to the research of GPU driver-related technologies, including OpenGL, OpenCL, Vulkan, VDPAU and VAAPI, etc. It provides technical planning, design, development, maintenance and upgrade services of GPU-related software packages, and promotes the development of domestic GPU technologies. Interested partners are welcome to join.


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