Role Description




Project contributors are continuously active participants in the community SIG, and you can participate in various activities in the SIG group
  • Make relevant contributions based on the work content of the different SIG groups that you join.
  • Respond to assigned tasks (such as PR, questions, etc.).
  • If your ability allows, you can assist other community members to make various contributions.
  • If necessary, be able to provide long-term corresponding support and maintenance for your contribution.
  • Participate in major decisions in the SIG group with more than 2/3 of the votes.
  • Make technical or non-technical decisions about your work.
  • Nominate yourself as a candidate in the election of project maintainers in the SIG group.

openKylinPackage MaintaineropenKylin

Responsible for reviewing the quality and correctness of the code in maintained packages.
  • Review PRs submitted by project contributors;
  • Update and maintain package versions;
  • Track, discover, distribute and fix security issues in software packages;
  • Responsible for the quality of the codebase.
  • Equipped with maintainer permissions for this particular library;
  • Donors acquiesce in committing as a committer, and the level of donation is higher than that of a maintainer who can apply for a specific warehouse in the sig group;
  • If the donation of multiple warehouses in the sig group is relatively high, you can apply for the maintainer of the sig group.


Responsible for reviewing the quality and correctness of the code in the SIG or certain parts of the SIG
  • Review the pr submitted by project contributors.
  • Update and maintain the software package version.
  • Track, discover, distribute and fix security issues in the software package.
  • When software package interface changes have an impact, notify all relevant SIG project teams.
  • Cooperate with the upstream community, including but not limited to pushing changes to the upstream community, tracking important bugs in the upstream community, and forwarding errors to the upstream community when you need help from the upstream community.
  • In addition to providing basic test cases for testing regression, when submitting the software package to the testing team, it is responsible for providing debugging/classification software package information for problem classification; when updating the software package, it is responsible for providing related test cases for quality inspectors use.
  • Participate in the upstream community mailing list and get the upstream community bug tracker account.
  • Vote for the project owner.
  • Nominate yourself as a candidate in the Owner election of the SIG project.


Responsible for the technical route and coordination of internal and external resources for the projects undertaken by the SIG team
  • Responsible for determining the technical route of the project in the SIG group, including the planning and decision-making of the SIG technical direction, and the evolution of the architecture.
  • Determine the key requirements and release plan of the SIG.
  • Participate in community PM activities and adjust the SIG plan of your SIG group to match the milestone schedule of the community version.
  • On behalf of the members of the SIG group, participate in community activities such as the activities and meetings organized by the community technical committee or other councils.
  • Regularly hold meetings within the SIG group and make relevant decisions.
  • In addition to the above responsibilities, you also have the following rights.
  • Make any decisions that require urgent action.
  • Appoint new committee members together with the technical committee.
  • Election and revoke the core member status of the project with more than 2/3 of the core members.