Contribution strategy




openKylinSign The CLAopenKylin

Before joining the community contribution, you need to sign the openKylin Community Contributor License Agreement (CLA).According to your participation status, choose to sign personal CLA, employee CLA or corporate CLA, please click the link below to sign:

openKylinJoin The CommunityopenKylin

The first step in participating in the community is to find the organization and understand the daily communication channels and communication standards of community members. The specific channels are as follows, click the corresponding link to join the corresponding organization.

You can choose to participate in community activities of interest.

You can choose to participate in the community, join the community member or SIG group.

openKylinMake progress with the communityopenKylin

  • Serving as a corresponding role

    Different contributor roles in the openKylin community have different rights and responsibilities, and most of the responsibilities and rights of these roles are limited to their respective SIG groups.

  • Introduction

    In order to allow the community to operate better, openKylin has its own governance organization. Click here to view the governance organization structure. If you encounter any problems in community participation, you can find the corresponding governance organization for feedback.